Hemera Hecto: Elevating Architectural, Facade, and Bridge Lighting

08. March 2024.
Hemera Hecto: Elevating Architectural, Facade, and Bridge Lighting

The Hemera Hecto from Filix stands as a versatile and efficient solution for lighting applications on facades, bridges, and architectural projects. With features designed for durability, control, and sustainability, this lighting fixture addresses key needs in architectural illumination.

Design and Application

Hemera Hecto is designed for facade and architectural lighting, featuring an extruded aluminum body with IK07/IK10 clear tempered glass for durability. Its design complies with UL STD 1598 for wet locations and offers a 3G vibration rating resistance, making it suitable for challenging environments.

Glare Control

Hemera Hecto incorporates internal and external glare control options, such as microlouvre, hex louvre, and discrete sight options, allowing for tailored light distribution with minimized glare. This is crucial for pedestrian comfort and aesthetic integrity in architectural lighting.

Control Flexibility

The luminaire supports various control protocols including ON/OFF, 0-10V, DALI, and DMX (Data Pulse), offering flexibility in lighting management and enabling precise control over illumination levels, which is essential for dynamic lighting scenarios on architectural features.

Continuous Operation

The system can run continuously for up to 1000 meters, supported by DMX system topology. This capability allows for extensive lighting applications without compromising on consistency or intensity, ideal for long bridges or expansive facades.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Hemera Hecto emphasizes ease of installation and connection, with features like the X Line system for efficient power and data distribution and Split & Seal technology for enhanced durability against environmental factors. On-site LED module and engine replacement options further ensure that maintenance and repair processes are straightforward, minimizing downtime and labor costs.

Hemera Hecto distinguishes itself with the ability to create an uninterrupted line of light, enhancing the architectural coherence and visual appeal of projects. Its advanced features and versatile application make it an optimal choice for professionals seeking reliable, efficient, and sustainable lighting solutions for prominent architectural features.

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