Filix develops and produces high-quality lighting instruments for outdoor and underwater installation for over twenty years. During this time, it became a generic to improve and release products at the moment when the same are brought to the point of perfection.

With high-quality materials, best knowledge, experts and with the last technological releases, it is the company's goal to produce the best from the best. Carefully chosen materials become the best products only with maximum attention to create perfection.


By designing all products inside the company, Filix maintains control over components that go into each product.

In collaboration with sales and marketing department, Filix's R&D Team listens and develops products that costumers are looking for, with quality and functionality for maximum pleasure. Only when stringent design and quality parameters are met, products go to production.


Our goal is to develop families of products to allow designers to create environments and effects with a minimum number of luminaires, all with a common language.

As a part of architecture, a luminaire should be part of it and fulfill its function as a building detail.

With that goal, we are trying to design minimalistic products for maximum effect.

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