Make a Splash in Dubai: Event Recap

16. May 2024.
Make a Splash in Dubai: Event Recap

We are excited to share the success of our recent Make a Splash event in Dubai. This event was a great opportunity and learning experience to show underwater light principles in a real pool, connect with industry professionals, showcase our latest innovations, and celebrate our growth in the region.

Here’s a recap of what happened.

We would like to thank Mary, head of our Filix ME branch, for making this event possible. We presented our new facilities in Croatia, which include extra manufacturing space, modern R&D and laboratory areas, and a custom-built pool for testing and events.

Architectural lighting direction is where we are expanding our production. We are developing products like our NEW HEMERA HECTO, our technically most advanced product, for lighting large structures like facades and bridges, implementing our new long-distance protocol and light control Datapulse.

Of course, the main focus was on underwater lighting principles. We explained and showed at the pool venue how light behaves underwater. We explained light reflection and refraction and the absorption of different light colors in water. We demonstrated the differences between spot and flood beam angles.

We showed what light fixtures are used for in different scenarios: smaller light fixtures like Arpool XS and S for highlighting pool features and steps, projectors for illuminating fountains and waterfalls, light fixtures like Arpool XM used for general lighting, and Arpool linear and Style used for area lighting and infinity pools. We also showcased our underwater marker light Arpool Coral, which can be used on pool floors and walls, and also outside of the pool as an outdoor recessed marker light in stainless steel. Additionally, we introduced our glare control solutions: Half Moon with a 50% beam cut-off, Honeycomb which softens the light, and Honeymoon, which combines both features.

We also demonstrated the importance of light positioning and the effects it creates. Positioning the light closer to the bottom of the pool increases illuminance due to the reflection from pool walls and floor, creating a scalloping effect for dramatic illumination. Positioning the light fixtures closer to the surface of the water results in less reflection and illuminance but achieves more uniformity.

Using these principles, you can achieve pool safety, create the right ambiance, and mood, and create visually appealing and functional underwater lighting setups. It was a valuable experience for the light designers present, helping them gain a better understanding of underwater lighting design and its practical applications.

Looking forward, our direction will be in Arpool Wireless Power Solutions, Underwater Dark Light Solutions, and Arpool Projections for creating stunning effects and marketing purposes.

The event concluded with a relaxed afterparty where attendees enjoyed drinks, food, and lively conversations. The party continued into the late hours, providing a perfect end to a productive and enjoyable day.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all attendees for making the event a success.
Special thanks to the light design studios for participating in the Make a Splash Workshop: 1508London, ALEMCO, CD+M Lighting Design, Cracknell, Delta Lighting Design, Dpa Lighting Consultant, GLARE, HLB Lighting Design, Integrity Project Solutions, LDPI, Light Directions, Light Fusion, Light Touch PLD, Neolight, NULTY, Studio N, Smith Tait, Studio Lumen Lighting Design & Consultancy, Studio Mark, and WSP. Your enthusiasm and participation were greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for more updates from Filix.

Check photo galery bellow:

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