Hemera installed on Dr. Franjo Tuđman Bridge in Dubrovnik

28. March 2024.
Hemera installed on Dr. Franjo Tuđman Bridge in Dubrovnik

The Franjo Tuđman Bridge, connecting the western approach to Dubrovnik, Croatia, has undergone a significant lighting upgrade. Financed by Hrvatske Ceste at a cost of 790,000 euros, the project introduces modern LED technology to the bridge, aiming for energy efficiency and enhanced visibility.

Built across Rijeka Dubrovačka near Port of Gruž, the bridge's initial design was conceived in 1989 but saw delays due to the Croatian War of Independence. Named to honor Croatia’s first president, it serves as a critical link for travelers and locals alike.

This lighting revamp features Filix's Hemera family lamps, equipped with RGBW LEDs that allow for a broad range of colors and dynamic lighting scenes. The use of DMX control technology enables the creation of various lighting effects, providing flexibility to showcase the bridge in different lights depending on the occasion or time of day.

Josip Škorić, president of the board at Hrvatske Ceste, highlighted the overdue need for the lighting update, pointing out that the previous system hadn't been updated in twenty years. This project not only improves the bridge’s nighttime appearance but also aligns with efforts to conserve energy.

By incorporating Hemera family lamps, the Franjo Tuđman Bridge now features a more adaptable and energy-efficient lighting system, reflecting a step forward in the city's infrastructure development.

Dr. Franjo Tuđman Bridge lighting

Product: Hemera, Hemera Hecto
Distributer: Neos
Designer: Nova Lux
Architect: Građevinski fakultet, Zagreb
Zlatko Šavor
Destination: Dubrovnik City, Neretvanska Županija, Croatia,
Tourist board: Tz Dubrovnik
Foto credits:  Božo Radić/Cropix

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