Hofplein Fountain, Holland


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Hofplein Fountain, Holland

Project description:

The Hofplein Fountain in the heart of Rotterdam now shines brighter than ever, thanks to the recent refurbishment. This iconic landmark, situated opposite Rotterdam's main railway station, has been transformed with the installation of custom Arpool L fountain lights. Industrielicht B.V. and FILIX Lighting collaborated to tackle several constructional challenges, ensuring the lights were seamlessly integrated onto the existing cages, providing protection against vandalism.

The City of Rotterdam desired a dynamic and attractive lighting scheme to enhance the fountain's appeal. Using RGBW lights, a vibrant and captivating display was created, adding significant value to this historic site. The R&D team worked tirelessly to overcome hurdles and deliver an outstanding result that meets the city's expectations.

This project exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration in achieving remarkable outcomes. Gratitude is extended to Industrielicht B.V. for their partnership and to the City of Rotterdam for entrusting this task. The Hofplein Fountain now stands as a testament to the impact of thoughtful lighting design and technological advancement.

Lighting supplier: Industrielicht B.V. Lighting Design: Industrielicht B.V. and FILIX Lighting Client: City of Rotterdam

User products: Arpool L
Client: City of Rotterdam
Year: 2024
Light Designer: Industrielicht B.V.