Franjo Tuđman Bridge, Croatia


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Franjo Tuđman Bridge, Croatia

Project description:

This lighting revamp features Filix's Hemera family lamps, equipped with RGBW LEDs that allow for a broad range of colors and dynamic lighting scenes. The use of DMX control technology enables the creation of various lighting effects, providing flexibility to showcase the bridge in different lights depending on the occasion or time of day.

Product: Hemera, Hemera Hecto
Distributer: Neos
Designer: Nova Lux
Architect: Građevinski fakultet, Zagreb
Zlatko Šavor
Destination: Dubrovnik City, Neretvanska Županija, Croatia,
Tourist board: Tz Dubrovnik
Foto credits:  Božo Radić/Cropix

User products: Hemera, Hemera Hecto
Year: 2023
Light Designer: