About us

Filix is a manufacturer of world-class lighting products and systems used by lighting designers, architects and engineers to illuminate interior and exterior architecture.

We design, engineer and manufacture high-quality, high-performance LED lighting instruments for outdoor and underwater applications.

There are three words that can describe our work:

  • quality
  • design
  • durability

After more than 20 years long tradition, it is an everyday challenge to create new, modern instruments for our partners.

Why choose us

Lighting is about creating an environment that uses light as the main medium of expression. It means having one's work blend seamlessly with the architecture, often at the risk of not being seen.

It's about giving definition to space.


Main Filix's idea, except innovation and the creation of brand new products, is also the joint objective of creating a lasting investment and timeless design products.


High-quality materials and best designers in collaboration with experts are the prerequisite for a long life product that can fit perfectly with any architectural venture.


As a socially responsible company, Filix is trying to extract maximum effect from every product, with ecology on its mind, to give the maximum efficiency with minimum input power.

Putting it all together

If you connect the first three facts, you can get only perfection with which you can really give definition to any architecture using Filix Lighting Instruments.

Because you can not compose a perfect symphony without perfect instruments.

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