Founded in the 80s; FILIX Lighting was concepted as an electrical engineering company at its core.
After years of catering to the industries key stakeholders we became the first importer of LED technology to Croatia, working directly with Osram.
With the development of LED technology and changes in the industry we started implementing our engineering knowledge and began the development of our first outdoor and underwater LED lighting solutions.

Today, we strive to be industry leaders, actively engaging in our profession and committing to a sustainable operation that will produce an impact on the generations to come.



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Why choose us

Lighting is about creating environments and feelings. It's about giving definition to space. We blend our work seamlessly with the architecture, often at the risk of not being seen.


Listening to our clients requirements and working on their concepts is where we draw our inspiration.


We create our products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. We believe in enhancing employee, community and product safety. We care.


We live in an ongoing and continuous process of evaluation of the quality of our programme and manufacturing. Our quality assurance focuses on both accountability and improvement, providing information that lead to the development and manufacturing of high quality products. 


Through ongoing learning and educating we connect to the lighting community and industry stakeholders. This way makes it easier to select strategies for getting alongside the different stakeholders and assigning responsibility to connect with each one to maximise effectiveness.